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With more than 33,000 inhabitants, Cambrils is the fifth largest city in the province of Tarragona and one of the most popular destinations in Costa Dorada. In half a century, Cambrils has gone from a farming and fishing village to becoming a benchmark in quality tourism, especially well known as a destination for family and culinary tourism. The also known as the culinary capital of Costa Dorada, combines excellent seafood cuisine with a geographical proximity to El Priorat and its magnificent wines, turning Cambrils into a premier destination for gourmets.

Puerta de entrada antigua muralla CambrilsIts long sandy beaches, a fishing port that has managed to maintain the reminiscences of old times, a well preserved old town and a wide range of holiday accommodations, restaurants and local shops, combined with an excellent temperature all year round, make Cambrils a top family holiday destination.

The following are some of the not-to-be-missed attractions that every tourist should visit:

Cambrils Old Town

The Old Town of the City of Cambrils is a small network of narrow streets where the village was founded and grew during the Middle Ages, after the Reconquista. The town was fortified with a wall and some of its vestiges still remain. It is now a lively pedestrian area, holding some of the most popular events, such as the Medieval Market, giant parades, the Christmas market, etc. Is approximately one kilometer away from the fishing port and the sea.

The PromenadeMollet de Rec Cambrils

Cambrils has one of the most attractive promenades in Costa Daurada. Street markets, exhibitions, culinary events, sporting events and so on, are held on this promenade throughout the year. In its most central section, it accommodates multiple restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops and stores.

El Mollet del Rec

The quay known as Mollet del Rec, is located in the heart of the port of Cambrils, in front of the Torre del Puerto. In 2011, a sculpture called “En el pla de les Serenes” by local artist David Callau Gené was placed at the foot of the Escaleras Reales staircase.

The Red Lighthouse

This is an exceptional location to enjoy sunsets and witness the daily bustle of the harbor. The Red Lighthouse is one of the most photographed structures of Cambrils. It is located at the end of the harbor’s breakwater and is considered one of the most characteristic elements of Cambrils.

El Pino Redondo

The Round Pine – el Pino Redondo- is located on the western promenade. This hundred-year-old tree has been declared of Local and Regional Interest. Definitely it is worth a visit to the Avenida Diputación, with Avenida de Juan XIII to appreciate its uniqueness.

Torre de L’Esquirol

This military telegraphic tower, with its square base, was built in the nineteenth century to improve communications between Barcelona and Valencia by optical telegraphy. Its most important value is that it is one of the best preserved of the peninsula. In 2005 it was appointed to the History Museum of Cambrils.

Torre de la Ermita

Of Military Gothic style, this tower is located within the grounds of the Shrine of the Virgen del Camino, built in the fourteenth century. Like Torre de l’Esquirol, it belongs to the History Museum of Cambrils. Its halls host an exhibition about Cambrils in the Middle Ages.

Torre del Port de CambrilsTorre del Puerto

Built in the seventeenth century, it is the oldest in the city. Its main purpose was to defend against pirate attacks and it was also known as the Tower of the Moors. Its location in the middle of the harbor has turned it into one of the most popular buildings in Cambrils and a true tourist symbol.

Vilafortuny Castle

Vilafortuny Castle has been a listed as a building of National Cultural Heritage. It is located within the residence area of Barony, a few meters away from the beach and the Hermitage of Vilafortuny.

The Samà Park

 The Samà Park is a botanical and historical garden of about 14 hectares that accommodates exotic flora and fauna. It is located on the road to Vinyols i els Arcs, between Cambrils and Montbrió del Camp, about 6.5 kilometers away from the center of Cambrils.

This unique area was created by Josep Fontseré (same man who created Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona) in 1882, by commission of Salvador Samà, Marquis of Marianao. All different types of flowers and plants were brought from countless places around the world and began to grow in 1881. In Samà Park there is a huge palace and an artificial pond surrounded by high walls. It is currently considered one of the best examples of a romantic Mediterranean garden.

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Outdoor Sports

Thanks to the combination of sea and mountainous landscapes and its excellent climate, Cambrils is the ideal destination for outdoor sports. In addition, the city has been awarded a quality certification by the Generalitat de Catalunya as Sports Tourism Destination.


Cambrils offers tailored services for cyclists, such as tailored accommodation for large groups of cyclists, along with a variety of marked trails.

Yacht Club Cambrils

The Yatch Club Cambrils is located near the fishing port. Opened in 1979, it is one of the oldest in the Catalan coast. It has more than 420 berths and it is the starting point for countless activities: sightseeing boat trips along the coast, fishing trips, and so on.


Several companies offer water activities such as sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, paddle surf, kayak and others, on the coast of Cambrils.

Family Tourism

Cambrils has been certified by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a Family Tourism Destination, specialized in families with children. Cambrils has several playgrounds in beaches, as well as parks and children's entertainment during the summer months. It offers a wide range of specialized accommodation for families with children and a busy calendar of sporting and recreational events for children.


Traditional local businesses abound in Cambrils, especially around the harbor area and the old town, where you will find stores of all kinds (clothing, food, bazaars, home décor, etc.).

The weekly market takes place every Wednesday (9-14 hours) at Paseo de Albert, at the heart of the village. During the summer season a tourist train runs all the way to the market starting at the Tourist Office.


Do not miss


Cambrils is well known for its beaches, one of its top attractions. The village has a total of 9 km of sandy beaches, from north to south, from the Gulf of Sant Jordi to the stream of Riudecanyes. The port splits the beach in two areas: the western and eastern beaches. One of the top attractions is the promenade that connects the various beaches, with cycle-lanes and space for runners.
Eastern Beaches

Platja del Prat d'en Forés and Regueral

The most important and busy beach in Cambrils, located in the city center. Of fine golden sand with calm waters and excellent services, it has a length of 967 meters by 78 meters wide.

Platja del Cavet

This small beach (150 meters long) of calm waters is located in a semi-urban area. Like the rest of beaches in the area, the sand is coarse and it has stones. Since it’s generally quiet, it is also ideal for windsurfing and other water activities.

Platja de l'Esquirol

Located on the outskirts of Cambrils, towards Vilafortuny and Salou, and like most beaches around, Platja l’Esquirol is a large beach, 895 meters long and 40 meters wide, with numerous bars.

Platja de Vilafortuny

Located in the residential area of Vilafortuny, it borders on Platja de l'Esquirol and Platja Ponent in Salou. Like the rest of the nearby beaches, this one has golden sand is quite spacious (1,451 meters long by 70 wide) and has calm waters.

Platja del Cap de Sant Pere

It borders on Platja Ponent of the neighboring town of Salou, making it the easternmost beach of Cambrils. It's a pretty popular and busy beach because several hotels are located in the area. It is 590 meters long and 25 meters wide. Its fine sand and calm waters make it ideal for swimming.

Western Beaches

Beach at the mouth of La Riera de Alforja

Located in an urban area, this small beach (200 meters long by 15 wide) of coarse sand and stones has basketball courts. In summer, a number of small events are held here because of its central location.

Platja de l'Horta de Santa Maria

This golden sand beach with calm waters acts as the entrance to the residential area of La Llosa. It is 500 meters long and an average of 54 meters wide.

Platja La Llosa

Calm beach with shallow waters. Its double bay in the shape of an "m" is 1000 meters long and an average of 55 meters wide.

Platja de L'Ardiaca

With a length of 1600 meters and 60 meters wide, this fine and golden sand beach with calm water, is located in a semi-urban area. The beach is accessible from Platja de la Llosa through the Promenade of Ponent.

The clarity of its waters and its medium occupancy, make it a great beach for snorkeling.




Cambrils is known as the gastronomic capital of Costa Daurada thanks to the quality and long tradition of their culinary businesses, its renowned Tourism and Hotel Management School, the only one in the province, and its quality raw cooking ingredients (fresh fish and seafood from its coasts and top agricultural products).
In addition to the popular taverns and tapas bars of excellent quality, the village features two restaurants awarded with Michelin stars (Can Bosch and El Rincón de Diego).

The origin of traditional cuisine in Cambrils goes back to the dishes cooked by sailors on their boats, such as “suquet” which is derived from the old fish stew that fishermen prepared in the boat with the day's catch.

Other traditional dishes from Cambrils are the 'fideus rossos', different types of rice, romesco sauce, black rice and “galeradas”.

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